Problems with snap and apparmor

I want to install Skype as a snap (in debian-12 based VM) since it looks like it is now a preferred way. After installing and reboot apparmor profiles are not loaded because of parsing error of skype profile and snapd.apparmor is not started. Problematic part is userns, it looks like there should be some acces rights defined. But after adding rw or irx (which fix apparmor startup) skype can’t connect to some gnome services and crash.

Ok, mrwklix do the magic. Maybe someone can tell me if this is right and how it will be affected during upgrades.

Also… where I should report it? To MS? To snap devs? To debian devs?

I tested it on firefox snap and it has same issue.

It looks like there are two issues. One is with apparmor access rights to userns but connection to gnome looks like separate issue. I can’t make it permanent.