Problems when starting (multiple) qubes

There seems to be something wrong with the way my Qubes (DispVMs, AppVMs and TemplateVMs all affected) start:

  • If I start a Qube while another hasn’t fully completed the start-up process, both will fail every time. I “identify” this by looking at the RAM usage: Once it’s over 400 MB (assumimg default values), I’m safe to start the next one.

  • Only the preconfigured sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-whonix and sys-usb Qubes correctly start on boot. If I enable any other Qube to start on boot, it tries and fails.

  • Restarting after an update only works if either only a single Qube is affected or if it’s only the preconfigured sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-whonix and/or sys-usb.

  • When trying to update (using the GUI tool) more than one Qube at a time, either all or all but one Qube fail. If they’re already running when I start the update, it succeeds.

  • If a service Qube that’s not preconfigured starts because of another Qube that needs it to run (for example sys-vpn), it fails.

I’m running a clean reinstall of Qubes 4.2.1 on a ThinkPad T430 with 16 GB RAM and an i7-3840QM, but the same problems were there when I still had the i5-3320M.

As you can imagine, this makes using Qubes extremely cumbersome, so I’d greatly appreciate any help! Thank you:)

Do you have HDD or SSD?
Do you see any error when the qube fails to start? Like qrexec timeout?
How long does it take for a qube to start?
Maybe if you start multiple qubes they just don’t have enough time to start before the default 60 seconds qrexec timeout ends.

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A nitpick: They are called qubes, not Qubes. I fixed the title, so others aren’t mislead by it.

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Solved it, thank you a lot!:slight_smile: I for some reason forgot I hadn’t switched the HDD to an SSD. After doing so, the problem is gone.


Thank you, actually! I didn’t know that, but the distinction between Qubes and qubes is really helpful.

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