Problems after a fresh install

I have some buggy problems after I installed Qubes.

#1 After the first boot I copied files from a USB to a fedora disposable VM. Once the copy started, the OS almost frozed, mouse was hardcore lagging. I wasn’t able to perform tasks till it finished. After that, when attempted to shut down the VM, it wasn’t do that and I got the following error message:
“ERROR: Got empty response from qubesd. See jornalctl in dom0 for details.”

After killed the VM and a reboot I copied files from an other USB, beverything was perfect. Different USB, same disposal VM template.

Later, when I opened a file in the same disposable template, I freezed again and it got the same error message after attempted shut down.

#2 Copying files between qubes eats a LOT of CPU.

#3 An update got avaliable to fedora template while I was offline and before I would open any AppVM based on the template (except the dvm). Before it happened, I cloned the template. The template’s and the clone’s disk usage was slightly different straight away, while I was still offline all this time. Maybe it is normal, but it seems creepy.

#4 After reboot, some graphical settings wasn’t saved.

#5 Touchpad’s right click is not fully functioning: it is only in a very small area, where it is respond as a right click. Double tap on touchpad also not acting as that.

Where should I start troubleshooting in your opinion? Should I worry about #3, or it is expected?

Thanks for any help.