Problem with XFCE and wmctrl


after reading the great guide about using wmctrl I decided to give it a try so I’ve just installed wmctrl in a fedora38 appqube. Unfortunately I cannot get it working properly. There are several properties not found. For example:

$ wmctrl -l -x
Cannot get client list properties. 
$ wmctrl -d
Cannot get number of desktops properties. (_NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS or _WIN_WORKSPACE_COUNT)

Can anybody help me to fix these errors?


EDIT: I’ve run the above commands in a kitty terminal and in a xfce4-terminal.

It’s dom0 that control the placement of the windows, you can’t use wmcrtl in an appVM.

The running the command in the dom0 terminal.

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I didn’t know it. Everything works fine now. Thanks!