Problem with Copying files between VMs

Hi dear Qubes OS Community,

I hope this is the correct section here for my two problems.

I have a problem to copy files between VMs. It doesn’t seem to matter which VMs it is. The result is always the same? The clipboard shows me the correct messages if I do the following:

Ctr. + C / Ctrl. + shift + C / Ctrl. + Shift + V

But when I try to insert the file with “Ctrl. + V”, I get the error message that there is no such file in the directory. The VMs run of course
What could that be?

My second problem is installing files in Fedora:
I tried to install Comodo Antivirus. Of course the Linux version :slight_smile:

It’s a “.rpm” file
I can unzip the file with the terminal. But don’t install. I have tried almost all possible commands for .rpm files in Feodra that I have found on the internet. I also looked at the documentation on the Qubes OS page. But maybe someone can explain to me what the problem could be. I admit that Linux commandos are new to me.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Qubes_Beginner welcome to the forum and to Qubes!

That’s how you copy the clipboard. But it is different from how you copy files. Read how to do that here:

Please address this one as a separate post to keep the forum organized :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I actually mixed up copying files with copying text. Thanks for your clarification. With that the first problem has already been resolved. :slight_smile:

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