Problem to boot on the partition

Hello, after restoring my bios to factory settings by mistake on a lenovo t480, I can’t boot into my partition. However, I manage to boot on the bootable USB key to use the QUBESOS rescue tool. My partition is detected, but when I enter my password it says: You don’t have any linux partition


Did you install Qubes OS in UEFI mode?
If yes then you need to boot from Qubes OS installer USB in rescue mode and add the EFI entry, assuming /dev/nvme0n1 is your Qubes disk and Qubes OS EFI partition number on this disk is 1:
efibootmgr -c -u -L Qubes -l /EFI/qubes/xen.efi -d /dev/nvme0n1 -p 1

Thank you for your reply ! Yes I am in UEFI mode. Is it normal that changing the bios had an impact on the EFI entry?

Yes, EFI entries are stored in UEFI NVRAM on your motherboard so it’s normal that they’re removed with BIOS wipe.

whereas yesterday I could easily access the “rescue” mode, today here is the message displayed to me

Did you change the BIOS settings after reset? VT-d, SMT, RAID, etc?

it does not seem to me, moreover I reset it again since I had to modify certain parameters to make tests

Check your BIOS settings and make sure to set them according to Qubes OS requirements.
If the problem persists then check the rdsosreport.txt for more detailed errors.

ok, I just changed the bios back to “legacy”, it works. Here is the answer i got

You need to boot in UEFI mode to change EFI entries.
You can use efibootmgr tool from another LiveUSB (for example, from Fedora LiveUSB) if you can’t boot Qubes OS installer in UEFI mode.

sudo efibootmgr -c -u -L “Qubes OS” -l /EFI/qubes/grubx64.efi -d /dev/nvme0n1 -p 1