Problem installing Qubes

Hi everyone,

I just bought a laptop (a XMG APEX 15 MAX) with no OS included. I am interested in installing Qubes OS on it but it seems to not work. I do not understand why, to be fair. I think that I have followed every steps as described on the website. I have tried to install it from a bootable flash drive. But unsuccessfully.

I got this message :
[FAILED] Failed to start udev Wait for Complete Device Initialization.
See ‘systemctl status systemd-udev-settle.service’ for details.

So I have a few questions :

1/ Can someone help me install the Qubes OS please ?
2/ I also read on the website that I should not trust the online version of the installer or the OS and I should do something to make sure I got a perfectly clean version. I do not know what to do to follow this advice. Can someone help me with that as well too please ?
3/ Also I would like to know if encrypting my OS will make it more secure
4/ And finally how to do it please ?

Hoping to hear from you guys soon,

Did you follow any of the troubleshooting mentioned in the documentation?

You need to download the signing key, verify its signature, download the iso and the signature of the iso, then verify the signature. It’s explained in the documentation.

More secure from what? Disk encryption will (ideally) prevent someone who doesn’t know the passphrase from accessing your data, while the device is turned off.

Please post unrelated questions in different threads next time.

Hello BEBF738VD,

First of all thank you for the quick reply. Actually, I didnt know that I should have post the different questions in different threads. I will do that next time, sure.

Also, I do not know which documentation you are talking about. I just followed what was instructed here

Do you have any link for it please?

When I said more secure, I was talking about more secure than without it. But it seems that you inferred that once the laptop is on or connected, havin my HD encrypted doesnt matter much. I am right to understand it that way ?

Concerning the documentation you are talking about, I also do not know which one you are refering to. Do you mind sending me the link please?

Once again, thank you for your replies.

The documentation is here: Documentation | Qubes OS

The documentation regarding signature verification is here: Verifying signatures | Qubes OS

What are you protecting against?

Once again thank you for the quick reply and now also for the links. I will check them.

Regarding your last question, the protection I am looking for is against the different forms of hacking. It seems to me that it is one of the selling point of Qubes, but I could be wrong.

That was why I am asking if having it encrypted will help besides when it is off and the other party doesnt know the passeword or the passphrase. I am starting looking at protecting my privacy and personal data.

No. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t encrypt it.

Qubes OS offers security by compartmentalization. You do different things in different VMs so if one VM gets compromised, only the data contained within it will be at risk, without exposing everything else.

Thank you for the quick and informative reply. I decided to encrypt my HD and also to have Qubes after reading a bit more about how it works to protect one’s data.

But as I am new in this field and I am not a computer science guy in any shape or form, I am looking for knowledge about how to protect better my data.

In any case, thank you for your help. I will check everything later. Hopefully I wont have any more problem while installing Qubes.

May I suggest the following resources to help you get a better understanding of the project: