Problem booting up on a fresh install of Qubes

Hello folks.
I’m having some problems getting Qubes installed. This is my second install of the OS and the first one went off pretty well. I’ve started again because, most unfortunatly, I can’t get away from bloody windows and I need it for certain things.

I’ve got 3 hard disks so I’ve bunged windoze on one of them and that’s running. I was planning to be using Qubes on the other two disks.

I got the iso on another machine I have (linux) and used the dd command from the offical qubes website to the usb stick. When I boot into it this time though I get the following error message in a terminal:

Welcome to grub!
error: one argument expected
error: missing arguments

It then hangs.

Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere and I missed it when I searched.
I know dual booting isnt the best way to do things but it’s my only option really.

Thanks in advance

Verify you downloaded ISO to make sure that it’s not corrupted.
You can also try to dd your ISO one more time, maybe there was an error during write and it wasn’t written correctly.

What’s the Qubes version you’re trying to install?
Are you installing with Legacy boot or UEFI? If using UEFI, make sure secure boot is disabled.

Thanks for your reply.

It would seem that my old install of Qubes survived a hard disk being pulled away from it and it was still present when I tried rebooting just now. So I’m back in :smiley: I will certainly try your advice though. cheers

Latest version and UEFI. Secure boot is disabled. But I seem to be back in now and all is good