Prioritize app-vms?

Is there some way, through XEN, to set differrent priorities on virtual machines, so that even if they are allocated the same amount of CPU’s, the less prioritized gets a bit less CPU time?


You can do this in Xen using cpu_cap and cpu_weight in the config file -
this doesn’t work in Centos or RHEL - I don’t know if it will work with
Fedora dom0. Nor do I know if the changes would be honoured in Qubes.

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In a dom0 terminal, take a look at “xl sched-credit”. It does what you want. Be careful, though - you can also change dom0 itself… :slight_smile:



Thanks, that seem to be it!

It doesnt seem to stick though between reboots, any suggestion there?

Nope. I’ve only done this on the fly when needed or for testing. It hasn’t been something I want to “set & forget”…

See @unman’s post above. Or standard Linux tools…

For some reason xl sched-credit doesn’t work for me. Instead, xl sched-credit2 works.

Are you on 4.1? xen changed default scheduler from credit to credit2…