Printer Driver in fedora-38 template

I am installing print drivers for two printers on my desktop. The problem is it seems to keep asking for a user name and password. That I clearly don’t have in a lost password root.

I down loaded the driver from the appropriate sites. Pointed the system to cups. Found the PPD buried in the download as I went threw the whole graphical print settings GUI provided by fedora. Then right at the end I get a request for a user name and password.

I don’t understand why I am using the recommended cubes settings so the root for a template shouldn’t be an issue. I can install apps just fine because I installed cups.

I seem to run into the same problem with the brother installer bash app. It gives me a cant execute binary. Then I try su also password request. I am at a dead end at least for today. Any Ideas would be appreciated.


I understand this is an inconvenience for the more skilled users here. However I need a solution to this. At some point I need to print so I guess in short.


The only working theory I have at this time is I can install the driver to a cube rather than to a template. That Is not consistent with how previous software has worked. Any previous install had to be in the template.

Please advise thanks.

Did you try running system-config-printer as root?

sudo system-config-printer

well this was two days ago. So, maybe. I will try that now though. I’m looking at new routes and methods now.

That seems to have pushed me in the right direction. Thank you. Of-course its going from one hurdle to the next but hey its always like that right.