Previewing(Gnome-Sushi) files under Nautilus with minimal template does not work


I get unfortunately this preview(gnome sushi) function in Gnome-Files/ Nautilus the by pressing the spacebar not displayed, under the minimal templates of min-Fedora 34 and min-Debian 11.

Under the normal templates Fedora-34 and Debian-11 it works, I guess I am missing a package there.
Can someone help me?

sushi whitepaper.pdf 
(sushi:1380): Gjs-WARNING **: 13:12:21.439: JS ERROR: Unable to create DBus proxy for NautilusPreviewer: Gio.DBusError: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.NautilusPreviewer: Process org.gnome.NautilusPreviewer exited with status 1

If I understand you well, you are trying to preview pdf file in a template? That is strongly not-advisable because it defies Qubes philosophy. You should do that in disposable qube.

I’m referring to the template in which I’m probably missing the package. I use the preview function in the qube app or in the disposable qube.

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