Prevent the USB hard disk from being removed from the AppVM after suspend

Every time the PC was in suspend mode, the external hard disk is removed from my debian work AppVM. It is very tedious to attach it again each time and then go back to the folders that were open before. It also comes with the risk of data loss if there was a file in edit before the sleep mode. Is there any way to prevent the external hard drive from being removed or would that be a security issue?

Thanks for any help!

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I know it’s not the answer, but I wanted to point out that by starting to use Qubes, I decided previously to change my computer habits. That means that i never use any AppVm for any work, but DispVMs, and then store the files in corespondent offline qubes.
Then, never attach any external USB to a non-dispVM
Then, no net on boot, meaning sys-net’s autostart turned off.
Then, for each template (meaning dvm templates) and AppVMs default NetVm is none.
Then, when leaving the computer unattended, shutdown sys-net and screenlock only, power management disabled.

So, it’s practically impossible for me to get into your situation.

It’s just my so-far vision of “security-meets-conformity”.
Whenever “I’d like something to” or “it would be great if this could be” happens, I tend to step back and ask my self if it’s about conformity and not about usability, and what the possible tradeoffs are against security. If there’s no answer, without exception I interpret it restrictively - it’s against security.


Does anybody know a workaround for the problem? For example, a script on dom0 level could automatically reattach the USB drive to the AppVM after resume from suspend. But the main challenge I think would be to prevent, that the AppVM recognizes that the USB drive was removed.

If we can make this work, the goal might be achieved that I can continue to work with the documents on the USB drive without interruption after suspending the computer.