Prevent hard disk pointing to dom0 when booting from external disk/USB


I boot my Qubes from an external disk. It works great, but my hard disk is connected to dom0 after booting Qubes. Is there a way to create someting like sys-usb (sys-hdd) to let my harddisk point to an isolated Qube instead of dom0 in case my harddisk is infected.

Thanks for the help.

Currently no, sys-usb is incompatible with booting from USB disk.

Thanks. I’m curious if there is some solution to block the hard disk from connecting to dom0.

Well, if you boot your dom0 from that hard disk, it must be connected to dom0, one way or another.

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i think what op mean is,

he is booting qubes with usb drive and it work good.

but he didnt want the internal drive connected to dom0 after the boot, just in case his internal drive is infected, so he asked are there something like sys-hdd to isolate this into some qube.

btw, i’m not sure if it can infect your dom0 or not since your internal drive is connected but not mounted.

Thanks for you help. If the chance of being infected from an unmounted hard disk is small, then i can just let it like this.