Prevent autostart of domUs at new template installation

I used the command qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-debian-11-minimal to install a minimal template, unfortunately it auto starts before I could change its settings.
Is there a way to prevent this ?
The problem is that the domU starts as PVH, which crashes dom0 (100% CPU). The crash is expected though on my platform, and it’s linked to the way I use Qubes.
Now the template show as installed, but I dunno in which state ^^

Does it make any difference if you use qvm-template-gui?

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Also try qvm-template instead of qubes-dom0-update.

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Well, qvm-template also started the domain. I didn’t try the GUI yet.
But this time I stayed on Qubes manager and changed the type before it started. Hackish but works …

Why is the template started after the install, what for ?
Also, what’s the difference between qubes-dom0-update and qvm-template ? I got the dom0-update command from the docs, and nowhere I found the qvm-template one ^^

Thanks for the new commands though :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

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I have no idea, I can’t recall it happens to me.