Pre hardened template kicksecure?

is there a Kicksecure template which works out of the box?, also how does updating process work? simply running sudo apt update like the usual, same goes for upgrade?, is there one for sys network ones? fire wall, net, etc which works? i checked with Whonix and it does not support it yet, also possible to morph deb 12? if so pointers to a guide are appreciated, I’m mainly concerned about spoofing hardware, also on last question, is WIFI mac by default auto randomized in Qubes sys net disposable which is an option during install process?

There is official documentation on how to morph a Debian template to kicksecure in Qubes OS:

It works like a classic Debian system for updates.

Whonix is based on Kicksecure, so it is not supported there too.

It is set by default for WIFI, but not for Ethernet at this time.

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