Power Manager fails, system crashes

Hello qubes-community,
since yesterday the power manager displays secondly ridiculous values,
like 0% and a second before 100%, or 8% and then shuts down. The system instantly shuts down after a moment and is not rebootable until i plug in the power supply.

Is this fixable? Also it seems that i also expected that problem one time in bios. Or is this maybe because of hardware failure?

Looks like a problem with the battery or its charge reading.

and is it fixable ? can i reset battery memory or calibrate it?

when i plug it in and out a few times in one minute it displays first 20 hours left, then goes down to 15, 12, 10, 5 hours and then even 15 minutes…
what causes this?

Hi. When I had battery problems on my len ovo model, I had to reinstall Windows, install their own standard software that usual comes pre-installed, uninstall and reinstall the battery drivers, run their system check, and surprise… the batter worked like normal again. You may need to reinstalll Windows and the do such a procedure, if you believe your batter is still new and shouldn’t be behaving badly.