Power consumption on a Lenovo Legion-like / Y9000p

As power management seems to work for almost everyone else (at least, I couldn’t find any similar topic), I hope, that it’s just a fundamental user error on my side…

I got a new Laptop (Lenovo Y9000p, Intel CPU-graphics, RTX 4060 as dedicated). Functionality-wise, it’s all good, just the power consumption isn’t.

It’s basically the same as after booting a Live-Linux (e.g. Gentoo-live), 25…38W on desktop idle. Yet, if I do
echo auto > /sys/bus/pci/devices/<nvidia-gpu>/power/control
(and one more to an Intel ISA device) I can get down to less than 10 Watts.

Making the same calls in dom0 doesn’t have any effect. If I PCI-passthrough the GPU to an HVM, the power/control file there contains “on”, even though, on dom0 it’s “auto”. (An additional “echo auto > ...” inside the HVM also has no effect.)

As this makes a battery runtime difference of 1.5hrs vs. 8hrs, any hint on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

I guess it may be because dom0 loads the kernel nouveau which doesn’t support power control. You may want to try to install the nvidia kernel… or disable the GPU in the bios if there is an option?

dom0 only loads the Intel card and has the Nvidia card on pciback. But on Gentoo-live (on bare metal) it’s similar - the Intel card is used and the Nvidia not (yet, on Gentoo-live the nouveau driver is assigned, as the proprietary ones are not installed on the live image).

OTOH inside the HVM with PCI-passthrough, the Nvidia drivers are installed and nvidia-smi works as expected. But independent of that HVM running or not, the card does not go into D3 (which - as far as I understand it - it automatically should, even without any drivers, as that is a PCI function).