Post Install dont start

Hello, just now I tried to install the Qubes, I removed the standard hd from my notebook and put another old one, the installation went well but when restarting the system the installation screen (language …) started again, and as soon as I removed the USB of installation and the system not start was as if it did not have the system installed, with this any idea of what it might be?


probably installed in UEFI mode.
I sugest you try install in legacy mode (see your BIOS).
Or read the UEFI trobleshooting guide:



I will try, always worked in uefi, but let’s see. whether everything goes right or not, put the result here!

Thanks for you anwser.

In legacy worked, the most curious is that the click of the touchpad comes disabled after installation, it was difficult to uncover.

Thanks for your help.