Possible to use Aorus RTX 2070 gaming box with qubes?

Hello Everyone,

i recently decided to take privacy and security more serious and been playing around with Qubes on my (Razer Blade 15) last few days and very much enjoy it. It is a bit of a learning curve for me but ive been at it non stop figuring my way thru it all

I have a aorus rtx 2070 gaming box that i was using with my laptop when i was using windows 11.
I had everything connected to the gaming box (ethernet, usbs and 3 samsung 27" monitors) all with one cable (Thunderbolt3).
Is it possible to get this setup in qubes

Thunderbolt devices works in Qubes OS so it’s possible, but you can encounter some problems specific to your hardware and you’ll find this out only after you try.

thanks for replying, Trying to figure this out is a little over my head since i dont know what i dont know.
I followed the steps to enable sys-gui-gpu and now it is in my qube manager, I went into settings/devices and i can see the gpu of the gaming box that is connected via thunderbolt3… ive been playing with it moving the gamingbox gpu to selected and computer freezes and shuts down,
i tried moving over everything i saw for thunderbolt3 and same result.
i’m just guessing at this point.

If i can be pointed in the right direction to get this working i would greatly appreciate it

I don’t know if it’s because of something specific to sys-gui-gpu or not. I’d try to make GPU passthrough work for a single HVM first:
Contents/gaming-hvm.md at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub

im pretty new to switching over from windows… I have come across that gaming hvm post yesterday, i need just a little bit extra help with commands to type in and step by step.

That guide doesnt seem to be for noobs. ha
thank you again for responding and effort to help