Possible to run locate/mlocate in dom0 to index appvms?

I posted to the mailing list something similar to this awhile back and didnt get any hits so am going to re-ask but regarding a perhaps more trusted app locate, or as i understand it in fedora mlocate?

While I have tried to keep my data somewhat siloed in the appropriate appvms its not perfect, and I am one of those that has quite a few appvms and trying to remember or find the files in the ~/Documents/ of the appvm where its supposed to be or the ~/QubesIncomming of where they are sometimes has proven to be a huge challenge… hence if I was able to run locate to keep a database of the files and thier locations that would really really be helpful.’

It doesnt have to be locate, I was just assuming it was a vetted and safe(ish) program that i could install and run in dom0 w/o too much trouble.

I agree it would be useful to be able to use software like AngrySearch or FSearch in dom0 for indexing AppVMs, but at the first glance. I’m not sure if that would brake the isolation of dom0 from AppVMs?

Not sure, I was thinking that, assuming the software was trustworthy, and that it was used from within dom0, that the setup would be secure as dom0 has total access to all the appvms anyway. Regarding Fsearch, I was aware of that, angry search looks pretty cool but neither are in Fedora or Debian repos AFAIK and since I didnt get any responses to my previous post for recoll I thought I’d post but ask about locate/mlocate as those are in the repos so more trustworthy?

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I feel like this a good start for a requirement for a search-vm and a qubes-index-service.