Possible to be tracked behind sys-whonix?

If I am talking to people (let’s say Cops) through wickr desktop and signal desktop apps and the traffic is going through sys-whonix? What are the chances of being tracked down? And I’m using a certain public wifi.

And what if the initial installation of wickr and signal was done on sys-firewal?

I have an msi gl63 laptop (no built-in GPS) and I also used this laptop for logging into my various personal accouns using windows 10. But that’s past now and I no longer use windows 10.
But I do plan on logging into my personal accounts through sys-whonix.

Here are the pci devices in my pc if that helps.

Anonymity guarantees is not a trivial subject. This question is better addressed at the Whonix community

But before asking, I’d recommend reading multiple pages on the subject on the whonix wiki: