Possible issue with pillar parameters and qubesctl (salt)

I am attempting to pass a pillar value on the command line, to a state that works on one domU target.

I keep getting errors saying I am trying to pass three parameters to state.apply which takes 0 or 1 parameter.

I have no issue passing pillar data to a dom0 (default) targeted state, e.g.:

sudo qubesctl state.apply tmpl-generic-create saltenv=user pillar='{"tmplname": "sys-base"}'

(This reads information (like max memory, parent template, etc) out of the user pillar concerning sys-base and creates that template by cloning its parent template.)

But if I try something like:
sudo qubesctl --targets sys-base --skip-dom0 tmpl-sys-base-configure saltenv=user pillar='{"do_updates": "1"}'

I get the error. As near as I can tell the only meaningful difference between the two cases is targeting a specific domU and skipping dom0. (This one will install software on sys-base; I’m attempting to control whether it will also run get-updates…which can be very time consuming and unnecessary if I just cloned an updated qube.)

(I tried running salt-call --local but it doesn’t understand the --target option, and probably doesn’t know what to do with --skip-dom0 either.)