Port Scan on GRC

I scanned my Qubes device VMs (Both clearnet and otherwise) on GRC ShieldsUP, and results were fail in common port scan.
Am I doing something wrong in my setup? or Qubes vulnerable?

it can be one of there
1.the network your netvm connected to is vulnerable
2.it wrong
Note:GRC ShieldsUP! website is very old (probably it made in the 90s)

All shieldsup does is a port scan against your public IP address, which is more often than not the IP address your ISP gives your router (unless you have some non standard setup like a business line or your own IP address assignment to hand out inside your border) … So chances are high that you and GRC are just scanning your router for open ports.

I just tried this from my Qubes machine, and the results were all “stealth,” so I agree with others that it’s probably scanning your router, not Qubes.

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Nmap is more widely used and I prefer it, although it requires a little bit of command line usage. You should give it a try?

and some knowledge to understand it

You can be like me and set up a dedicated PC as a headless gateway/router that you can log into with a web browser. It offers many other new options as well, like caching proxys and encrypted DNS, etc. Really, man, I will never go back to the old ways.

i’m not fully understand it
is you are referring to some pc using ARP poisoning to trick device on that network to think that device is the router?