Pihole on 4.2.1 with debian12 Protonvpn service

I have the latest pihole running on a pi3b with all pihole and gravity updates installed. My 4.2.1 desktop system’s Personal vm is using a standalone debian12 ProtonVPN service for the netvm. I gather, that I need to add another debian (or fedora) vm in order to use pihole for my adblocking. Which would be the preferred method of including/setting up all three of qubes desktop -Protonvpn vm - pihole vm?
I have been checking various websearch methods to see if pihole is running ok and it seems it works, but I’m just not able to connect to it through dns yet. Are there any guides for setting up a pihole vm and enabling it with both a vpn vm and a user vm?

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Did you do OpenVPN or WireGuard for the VPN?

And if WireGuard, how’s the performance? I keep periodically trying it and it always keeps driving me back to OpenVPN.

Pi-hole is an excellent security blanket for just regular operating systems, it’s on my network, but I’ve not contemplated making it part of Qubes just yet.

Wireguard. No problems with the vpn
I’m trying to set up the pihole. That’s the problem.

@Sven might be interested in talking about setting up a sys-pi-hole?

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