Pgadmin does not survive reboot

Hello, the pgadmin4 server configuration is lost on reboot. I need to configure a connection to my server again each time. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I tried these bind-dirs, no result.

    binds+=( '/var/lib/pgadmin' )
    binds+=( '/var/log/pgadmin' )

When you say “no result”, what do you mean?
Are the relevant directory structures created in /rw/bind-dirs?

Aren’t there some config files in /etc/pgadmin that you need to retain?

Thank you for your answer.

“no result” means that the pgadmin server still needs to be reconfigured on reboot. The two mentioned structures are created in /rw/bind-dirs.

There is no /etc/pgadmin folder. Checked before and after reconfiguring the pgadmin server.

My guess is that there is another configuration file that needs to be added to bind-dirs.

The pgadmin started to “remember” my server configurations after several reboots. Do not know why.