Persistent printer .deb in Disposable TemplateVM


I want to have a Disposable template VM with my Brother printer .deb drivers package installed.
I don’t want this package to be installed in my default Debian template and I want to have this printer set up to print some PDF I will open in DispVM.
(I don’t find other way than dpkg .deb for this printer…)

I start my Disposable TemplateVM, install via CLI
dpkg -i --force-all (linux-drivername)

I configure my CUPS on http://localhost:631
Printer printing, all good. I turn down my Disposable templateVM. When I start back my Disposable TemplateVM or any DispVM - the driver package are not here plus my cups configuration is lost.

What am I missing here? How to make my driver package + configuration persistent in the Disposable TemplateVM, based on the Debian12 Template.

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The best way to do this, honestly, is to clone your debian 12 template, install it in the clone, and base your disposable template on the clone.


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Many thanks!
I’ve duplicated my Debian 12 template (one more template ^^ but it does the job).

Ending up with a lot of templates is one motivation for looking into minimal templates since they take up a LOT less space…but you have to do a lot more research and configuration work with those, to ensure that everything that is needed for that particular template’s purpose actually ends up on the template. I wouldn’t want to try to do that overnight, but sometime in the future you might want to investigate this, since you do seem to be interested in not installing software where it’s not needed.