Permission denied logs, sys net,firewall & usb " libxenlight failed to create a new domain"


Recently installed the latest version of qubes.

I was presented with the following error regarding sys-firewall, sys-net, sys-usb.

“libxenlight failed to create a new domain”

After changing the virtualisation to PV on both sys-net and sys-usb this error has gone but the firewall issue remains and i cannot actually use any qubes.

Also whenever i attempt to check logs i am met with “permission denied” eveb when using sudo. I am right clicking the desktop and launching the terminal from there.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

I vaguely recall seeing that message if I was trying to start a qube using the same device and another that’s already open.

I forgot to mention I believe I saw an error message regarding the sys qubes failing to install during installation yet the installation continued just fine and the desktop looks ok. Up until now I have not been able to launch a single qube despite the OS loading normally.

Dumb question but did rebooting help? It has been known to fix network issues for me in 4.1. I doubt it’ll resolve your issue though.

fyi I got that error yesterday after removing some RAM modules. I started my sys-net and got that message. Then I removed my wifi device from the qube, save, added it back, save and it was fine.