Permission denied logs, sys net,firewall & usb " libxenlight failed to create a new domain"


Recently installed the latest version of qubes.

I was presented with the following error regarding sys-firewall, sys-net, sys-usb.

“libxenlight failed to create a new domain”

After changing the virtualisation to PV on both sys-net and sys-usb this error has gone but the firewall issue remains and i cannot actually use any qubes.

Also whenever i attempt to check logs i am met with “permission denied” eveb when using sudo. I am right clicking the desktop and launching the terminal from there.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

I vaguely recall seeing that message if I was trying to start a qube using the same device and another that’s already open.

I forgot to mention I believe I saw an error message regarding the sys qubes failing to install during installation yet the installation continued just fine and the desktop looks ok. Up until now I have not been able to launch a single qube despite the OS loading normally.

Dumb question but did rebooting help? It has been known to fix network issues for me in 4.1. I doubt it’ll resolve your issue though.

fyi I got that error yesterday after removing some RAM modules. I started my sys-net and got that message. Then I removed my wifi device from the qube, save, added it back, save and it was fine.

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I hope this helps.

#1: I stumbled upon this in the past, And found what fixed this for me was removing the Wireless Network Adapter from the device list in sys-net VM. Once I removed the device and left my ethernet controller in the list, I was able to start sys-net & sys-firewall as well.

#2: In regards to the error you may have received during installation, I believe it was for the failed startup of sys-net, due to your devices issue.

#3: I am currently spending most of my time, satisfying the relationship between my bios and Xen hypervisor. Thanks to Dell/Alienware/Intel/Microsoft/Nvidia for attempting to create a “Happy Home” for Qubes OS. They are trying, and magic is happening! With that being said, I’m sure you can relate and understand that most of our problems, usually are due to “two machines connecting the same device”, thus rendering the device to become useless. The first two machines, of course is your “host” machine and then the virtual machine “dom0”. If you haven’t configured each device to be recognized and assigned properly from the bios(from settings that are available), then depending on the rest of your set up (whether you use grub menu, windows bootloader, etc), will determine, how you pass the control of the connection for each individual device.