Permanent Office Setup

Dear Qubes OS community,

I am looking into a Qubes OS daily driver setup. Currently I am testing Qubes OS on a Thinkpad T470. And in a lptop mode, no external screen, keyboard, etc.) I am quite happy with it.

For my permanent office Setup I am working with a external screen only and also with a external keyboard and mouse / trackball.
I like a clean desk so I mounted my current laptop under the desk and connect everything else via a Elgato Thunderbolt dock. So just one cable and done.

Is there an option to replicate this setup with Qubes OS?

If I get this working I am also in the market to get a NV41 as a new laptop. Just in case this would change something regarding your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

– arl

Thunderbolt dock works for me and I can use external display and keyboard/mouse with it if you’re asking this.


may I ask what dock you are using?

And is your USB mouse and keyboard connected to the dock?

My plan is to use the laptop with a closed lid. Can you do that with your setup?


Some cheap noname thunderbolt dock.



I tried a wavlink wl-umd502 on the NV41 with an hdmi screen + keyboard + mouse, it worked on the thunderbolt port, not the usb-c port

You may need to tweak something to be able to type the encryption password at boot with an USB keyboard.