Performing Shutdown on Windows qubes hangs Qube Manager

Here’s what I saw:

  1. I had a Windows 10 qube working except seamless mode (which I don’t need) and audio (not sure why sometimes win would be listed as an option to hook USB devices too, and sometimes not, but it would never actually work. I might make a post on this later). Particularly what worked great was internet (including my company’s VPN) and remote desktop.
  2. I installed AnyDesk inside of Windows (only logical place). This seemed to screw up my internet connectivity so I uninstalled it.
  3. Windows still could not “see” the internet connection Qubes was giving it, even after uninstalling AnyDesk, so I assume AnyDesk left some garbage (besides file associations, which it claims is the only part it couldn’t uninstall).
  4. So then I try to reset Windows through the handy-dandy Reset this PC option. It reboots a couple of times (during which it seems to be resetting appropriately) and then hangs. So I try to use the Qube Manager to kill the win qube, and instead it kills the Qube Manager!

(Note that the contents of the QubeManager are missing, and when I try to close it, that dialog proves it was not responding.)

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As I and others have been experiencing some instability with Qubes Manager, (R4.1 mainly here), can you clarify: does this occur on R4.0 or R4.1(beta/alpha/which-iso)?

I think it is 4.0.
What I do know is my kernel version is 5.4.143-1.fc25.qubes.x86_64.

Also N.B.: while a reboot (of the entire system! shouldn’t be necessary, right?) at least lets me use the Qube manager, this issue is reproducible even after reboot.

I think it might be helpful to note that my Windows VM is a standalone qube and is not based off of a template vm, and also that every time I start it, it hangs. I don’t have an every-other-time success like some people have. After we have figured out how to fix the Qube Manager vulnerability, I will delete my windows qube and start over.

So please let me know what else we need to determine regarding Qube Manager.

One known case where Qubes Manager would freeze that way is when qemu crashes. You can check if that’s the case in the -dm.log logfile for you VM in /var/log/xen/console.

is this a typo ? can you explain this

@Narvey can you rename this topic to “Shutdown Windows qubes hangs Qube
Manager”, i see this doesn’t related to virus

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I notice on R4.0.4 any kind of kill command will freeze qube manager while it’s executing the command. R4.1 seems better at multi-tasking.