Performance in Precision T5610 (Dual Xeon)


Hope you are good, hope you all having a good start of the year. The thing its, I want to start using Qubes-R4-4.2 its so much better than the version where it was based on KDE. (Years ago);

Now a days I have a Dell Precision T5610:

  • 2xE5-2620v2(xeon)
  • 2x8GB DDR3 1866 ECC (one per each cpu)
  • USB Keyboard and Mice
  • K2000 Quadro 2GB.
  • Disks:
    • 1 SSD 256
    • 2 HDD
      ! 1TB Blue western full of courses, and downloads
      ! 500GB for qcow images.

My big is question, if 16 of ram, and 256 its enough for:

  • Work Confortable ?
    -Deploy 1 HVM with windows 10 ? ( Visual Studio)
  • how does HDDs can affect performance if I made them part of OS partiton? (Have a lot of second hand HDD I dont know what to do with them.)

Should I get 16GB more of ram, and 512 SSD? Im asking this stupid question because I dont have a budget to buy any parts atm. I tried 4.1.2 an i5-6440Q w/ 8GB ,500HDD, and when i fire an HVM it told me ‘Out of Memory’.

I will push HCL report later. Thanks for reading, hope I get quick question soon so I setup my machine asap.


I got it working without problems :slight_smile: ! I only had to install nvidia drivers on dom0 to let the system be more smoothly. Im very happy.

I will report my Compaibility Report in some days, It feels awesome, install Windows 10 in a HVM, (sadly qubes tools are disabled for windows). I have some questions, about memory handling.

Thanks a lot to all of you! , From 3.1 to 4.2 it is a crazy jump.