Penetration Testers Framework (PTF) TemplateVM

  • The installation scripts and provided tools may have bugs, be vulnerable to Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks or other vulnerabilities.

  • Adding additional repositories or tools for installing software extends your trust to those tool providers.

Please keep in mind that using such a VM or VM’s based on the template for security and privacy critical tasks is not recommended.

How to create Penetration Testers Framework (PTF) VM

"The PenTesters Framework (PTF) is a Python script designed for Debian/Ubuntu/ArchLinux based distributions to create a similar and familiar distribution for Penetration Testing.

PTF attempts to install all of your penetration testing tools (latest and greatest), compile them, build them, and make it so that you can install/update your distribution on any machine." (source PTF Readme)

Note PTF works on Debian testing as well as on Debian 8. PTF itself works with Debian 8, but the software tools will have missing dependencies. Metasploit for example requires a newer Ruby version than Debian 8 has in the repositories. Therefore the best way to install PTF is by upgrading a Debian 8 into Debian testing with additional Kali repositories. Instead of installing the tools from Kali, PTF will install and update the newest tools.

Create Debian Based Penetration Testers Framework (PTF) Template

  1. Create PTF template

    1. Follow Create Debian Based Kali Template till step 7.

    2. (Optional) Rename the cloned template to ptf

  2. Download PTF

     sudo apt-get install git
     cd /opt
     sudo git clone
    • (Optional) Configure PTF

      1. Go to configuration directory

         cd /opt/ptf/config
      2. Edit the configuration file

        for example by using vim:

         sudo vim ptf.config

        the configuration options are described in the ptf.config file

  3. Install PTF

     cd /opt/ptf
     sudo ./ptf

    Note: the config file has to be in the same directory as the executable. It is not possible to do sudo ptf/ptf

    PTF will put itself into /usr/local/bin/ptf. You can use ptf from now on.

  4. Install/Update modules (tools)

    1. Start PTF

       sudo ptf

    2. Show available modules (tools)

       ptf> show modules
    3. Install/Update modules (all/)

      • Install/Update all tools

          ptf> use modules/install_update_all
      • or by category Install/Update

          ptf> use modules/code-audit/install_update_all
      • or individually (example Metasploit)

        1. Search for module

           ptf> search metasploit
           [*] Search results below:
        2. Use module

           ptf> use modules/exploitation/metasploit
        3. Install module

        4. Run Metasploit

           ptf> quit
           [*] Exiting PTF - the easy pentest platform creation framework.
           sudo msfconsole
  5. Create an AppVM based on the ptf template

    • (Optional) Attach necessary devices

Alternative Options to PTF

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