PCIE screw up

Any chance to make the sys-net VM to not start at booting? From Grub? From anywhere.

I was trying to make this Brotrend AC1200 USB antena to properly work on Qubes that it been hellish experience.

Any recommendations of WiFi cards that can be bareable to install drivers in Qubes OS and do it like grow up people use with their computers? Bought an returned too much cards.

There’s two ways you can achieve it:

  1. From a dom0 terminal:
qvm-prefs sys-net autostart False
  1. From GUI: open Qubes Manager, open sys-net settings, uncheck Start qube automatically on boot

Mind that you might have to repeat the process for any qube connected to sys-net, that also autostart at boot (like sys-firewall), otherwise they may require sys-net to start.

Laptop or desktop? PCI or USB?

But if some other qubes are started on boot, and they get networking from sys-net (perhaps via sys-firewall), the latter will still start automatically.

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Is a PC and trying to get a PCIe type.

Now I don’t know if is possible to get into Dom0 terminal before the process of booting. Let me get some other details, when Qubes OS is booting up I have like 30 seconds of it doing the normal loading and when it turns on the Sys-Net VM or I guess now that is the misplaced PCIe component I screwed around before all this problem. The Booting simply give up and turn off…

Did I mess it up too much?

Add qubes.skip_autostart to grub kernel options. This makes only dom0 start on boot, so you can configure through the GUI.


How I do that? Intrigued

It’s well documented here:

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I am amazed and thankful for your quick response! Amazing community!


Well, it would be nice if you’d actually flag the post that helped you to resolve your issue as a “Solution” and not your comment on it.