Passing through USB sound card from sys-usb to dom0

I have a laptop that appears to include the AMD audio chipset as a USB device (still not quite sure why).

I can pass it through to an AppVM, and audio works, but only within that specific VM.

Is there a way to automatically pass only that specific device to dom0?

Thank you in advance.

I found this post, maybe that helps ?

No, it’s only possible for the entire USB controller (= PCI device), i.e. all devices connected to that controller.

Check the Qubes doc on the kernel parameter on how to do that.

@zithro, I had a look at the post you gave me.

I hadn’t thought of doing it that way, and it would actually make more sense to do it inside a VM.

I will have a go at making a sys-audio.

@tripleh, you’re definitely right about that. I was exploring the idea of passing through a “trusted” USB device to dom0 via qubes-rpc, but I have a feeling that would require installing some things into dom0 that I probably shouldn’t….

Thank you both! :slight_smile: