Partitioning Drive Qubes is Installed On


I’m looking to partition my encrypted drive that as the title suggests, Qubes is installed on.

Is it possible to do this without reinstalling Qubes? I couldn’t find any documentation on the subject.


Qubes installer and dom0 are based on Fedora. I guess this is not a Qubes-specific question, i.e., you can search for an answer for Fedora (but I personally can’t help you here unfortunately).

Hi fsflover

Thanks for the tip.

Followed your advice and looked at the Fedora documentation- found this: Creating a disk partition in Linux :: Fedora Docs

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this to work on the dom0 terminal. The “parted” command worked, but I couldn’t see the disk sizes/ option to partition. I’ve never had to do this in any Linux distro before, so I’m stumped.


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Thanks, did exactly what I needed it to.

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