Parsing the HCL a bit more (and maybe a Pivot table?)

In trying to put together a new system I have been scrutinizing the HCL to try and reduce the chances that I buy something that wont work.

I doing so I was reminded that while the qubes-hcl-report seems to collect separate brand, model, CPU, chipset, graphics, many of those feilds are grouped together under “model”. I have no idea how the HCL is put together at the moment (I hope its at least somewhat automated) but I think it would really really really be helpful if some of the information could be placed in different fields - and a pivot table would be awesome especially as the list gets longer).

This is not to say its not appreciated, its most certainly is, but a few more fields and a pivot table option would be great.


This is a question to @Sven.

I’m currently migrating my personal setup to R4.1 and will look into this once I am done and have a stable environment again.

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Thanks @Sven! Obviously no hurry, if there is a way I could be of some help please do let me know. Good luck with the migration!

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The HCL gets automatically generated from YML files submitted by community members and stored in this GitHub repository. I am not familiar with the mechanism or web programming techniques. However a quick search shows there are plenty of tools to concert YML to CSV.

I suggest you get one of those tools, checkout the repository and generate a CSV file. It will contain all the fields of the YML file and you can then do spreadsheet magic until the cows come home. :wink:

Extra points: IF you do this successfully, please post a short howto.

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Thanks @Sven I will check that out, and certainly post if i figure out a doable solution. much appreciated as usual!