Panel issue

In the latest Qubes upgrade, a really cool panel featured appear which I unfortunately deleted by mistake while editing my panel tab… Instead of having the classic “line by line” app launcher which lists everything came a better designed window sorting out apps and programs by types of VM’s. This is what I deleted and was unable to add back to the panel…

Any suggestion on how I can get that back ? I resorted to reinstall the old app launcher but this feels like a downgrade :confused:

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Right click on panel → Panel → Add New Items → Launcher → + (Add one or more existing items to the launcher) → add “Open Qubes Application Menu”

Thanks, actually this is what I’ved used to restore the “old” applications Menu. By old I mean it shows as a launcher list with all applications whatsoever, uncategorised and unfiltered - like in the previous Qubes release which is somewhat less comfortable to go back to now.

The closest thing I could go back to the latest application menu (the one that shows app in a tree view as installed per VM) was to install “Whisker Menu”. It’s close but not exactly the same, as I get unwanted elements showing there like “Favorites”, Session name, Session log out option etc.

Still open to suggestions!

What’s the command in the “Open Qubes Application Menu” launcher?
I have this command there:

gdbus call --session --dest org.qubesos.appmenu --object-path "/org/qubesos/appmenu" --method org.freedesktop.Application.Activate "{}"

And if I run this command from the dom0 terminal then new Qubes application menu opens.

I can’t access my keyboard on Dom0, need to fix it ! I’ll try asap.Thanks!