Pane is dead (4.0.3) [NUC]

Solution here and here for 4.0.3 do not work for “Pane is dead”. Is there another method to solve?

Thank you.

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Can you explain what the problem is and where you encountered it?

“X startup failed, aborting installation
X startup failed, aborting installation
The installation cannot continue and the system will be rebooted Press ENTER to continue”

“Pane is dead” is the result. Happens after you start installer.

Maybe a Nvidia graphics card issue?

I don’t have Nvidia.

What is your setup? Qubes is pretty fussy. Anything non-standard and you’re screwed unless you’re technical enough to implement workarounds (I’m not).

For my settings to boot or my computer? It’s a Intel Nuc.

May be something to do with UEFI

Not sure which problem/solution there is exactly mine.

Nor me - it’s likely to be something to do with your BIOS settings though. Hopefully someone who has installed Qubes on a Nuc will be able to help.

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Noticed this in the code: “if the graphical installation interface fails to start, try again with the inst.text bootoption to start text installation”.
*Did not work. Same error.