Padlock symbol in "All around qubes" category?

Hello all, I am just wondering why there is a lock symbol that appears in the #all-around-qubes category’s name. Does this mean that the category is locked in some way, or it just for style because we are a security-focused community? :sunglasses:

This category is only visible to logged in members of trust level 2 or higher. The idea is that it’s an area in which community members can discuss things related but not specific to Qubes OS like Linux/Windows Admin, Privacy, OpSec. Things that are off-topic in this forum but likely to be of interest to Qubes OS users.

It’s limited to trust level 2 and above because such a category could get out of control quickly and we want people to show some level of commitment to the project/community before being allowed to participate.

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Thank you @Sven !