Padlock Icons keep showing up

For dispvms the old padlock icon keeps showing up when I least expect them and I cannot get rid of them. I’ve struggled with this endlessly.

Apparently these were the icons used on Qubes up until version 4.0, but I never ever ran version 4.0. Apparently some sizes of the new icons weren’t properly implemented (as an aside some sizes of gray icons of different types are identical to the black ones).

I’m now in a situation where a launcher icon for one named disposable vm on a KDE quick launcher widget is the padlock (with the red crossed circle on it), and for another named disposable shows the disposable vm Icon (solid qube to the upper left, ghost qube to the lower right). The icons are identical in size.

I’ve tried hunting down and deleting all of the damn padlock icons, and as far as I can tell I got them all (and this took HOURS because on dom0 you cannot view the icon with any tool (properly so) so I had to tediously copy them to some other vm and look at them there…these things show up in about two dozen folders.

They should all be gone yet the goddamned thing must be coming from somewhere. It doesn’t help that kde shortcut properties won’t display the path to icons; if you want to change it it shows you a bunch of icons in a folder, somewhere.

And OBTW that utility doesn’t even show me the proper dispvm icons at all, now…just the padlocks, for all colors.

What do I have to do to get rid of these things, once and for all?

One additional bit of info: ~/.local/share/applications/org.gubes-os.vm.<VMNAME>.qubes-start.desktop will show you the path to the icon.

The icon that works properly has a full path, /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/dispvm-purple.svg

The other vm with the icon that showed me a padlock simply said dispvm-purple.svg (I have since changed it to match the other, though I had to reboot to get it to “take”. Logging out and back in might have worked too, I didn’t think to try that.) Unfortunately, this is useless since no path is given. It’s some default. Somewhere.

Honestly, I’d like a developer to take on the task of looking at every single icon file to make sure it’s right. As I mentioned before many of the “gray” icons look exactly like the black icons (depending on size).

This is still happening. Any insights?