Package Updater Error

Getting an error message when attempting to update packages:

cannot update repo ‘updates’: Cannot prepare internal mirrorlist:
Curl error (6): Couldn’t resolve hostname for [Could not resolve]

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I have tried changing the Tor circuit a few times, none of the sys domains have been renamed. Is there a problem with Fedora repo servers?

Could you try to run:

grep mirrors /etc/yum.repos/fedora-updates.repo

in dom0

… and does it [really?] say https://-mirrors or just https://mirrors in the results?

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its https://mirrors, there is no syntax error here if that’s where you were going.

I looked at:

where it said - so you are right: I was looking for configuration errors in your repo definition - the syntax would be valid … but the domain wouldn’t exists. :slight_smile:

yeah I wish it were something that simple believe me. Its still and outstanding issue.