Outdated repo by default?

Hello, i am new to linux and a computer noob but after reading the documentation on qubes.org i felt ready to give qubes a try. So i installed the stable version connceted to a network and opened a disposible qube to figure out how to update again :stuck_out_tongue: . I updated dom0, installed fedora 34 and removed debian 9, whonix15 and fedora 32 after swiching everything to 34. But after i finished updating it i found out that the newest firefox version it could update to out of the box was outdated. It seems to me some repos are not activated by default? Or did i make some kind of mistake? Is that intentional? And which repos should i even activate? I couldnt find any thread online that fits this question.

I cant help much because youโ€™ve posted images.
But on the basis of what you say, you have done everything right.
If you had said what version of Firefox you have that would have helped.

Now you are running all qubes based on Fedora 34. This means that the
software available is that from Fedora 34, which is fine. This may not be
the latest version.
If you run Debian you will see this also - the software in the stable
release (now Debian-11) becomes progressively more dated as time goes
on. Debian deals with this by using the backports system, Fedora
by releasing a new version.

If you are desperate to have the latest versions you could try a rolling
release like Arch - the problem is that newest does not mean more
secure. In many cases a new release will be relative;y untested and may
introduce security issues.

Hey thanks for the reply! I asked because on my normal fedora and when you look online into the repo there is always a really new firefox (96 currently) but the latest i can install now is 95 which is almost 2 months old. I wanted to know if there is some repo i should activate or if there is a reason (Security) why certain repos are disabled (like third party ones) or if its just some kind of bug or its filtered out by the os. I havent looked at other programmes yet because i didnt have time (and iam not home currently) but i would guess that its not just firefox (where the newest version is not availible) and since fedora 34 is currently still supported it should get most of the updates 35 gets (as far as i know).And Is fedora 35 supported in qubes ? it isnt listed on the website yet

I like to use Fedora because of its commitment to open source software and because it delivers up to date updates and stability at the same time. Arch is a little bit to bleeding edge for me and i am honestly kind of scared of it (until i am more comfortable in linux i want to stay with fedora if possible)

did you update fedora with qubes updater? my fedora 34 template is showing firefox 96.0.3-1 installed

i did. nothing changes only shows that there is nothing to update

Firefox 96 is available for Fedora 34, and there are also some other
The reason why you donโ€™t see them is because Fedora has a mechanism to
avoid constantly consuming bandwidth. When you get the data from the
update server, that data is cached on your machine for (default) 7
days. If you try another update within those 7 days, dnf will check the
cached metadata and tell you there is nothing to update, even if
updates are available
If you look at /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo you will see a value for
metadata_expire - this is how long that cached data is used.

You can clean out the data by dnf clean metadata, and then you will
pull down the latest lists of available packages.

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that did solve the problem thanks! I havent though about that at all. But why did it only get that outdated version in the first place?

It was up to date when downloaded.
It became outdated during that 7day period.