Option "Enable Wi-Fi" not showing in NetworkManager with sys-net based on a fresh installed and updated fedora-36-xfce template


I tried updating templates. Now “enable wi-fi” is not showing in the NetworkManager anymore when sys-net is based on fedora-36-xfce template. When switching back to fedora-34 (not xfce) it works again. I have not tried fedora-36 (not xfce) as I try to keep my system minimal and not have to many templates installed.
How can I get wi-fi working with this xfce setup?
I thought fedora-36 and fedora-36-xfce main difference is the windows manager, but there seems to be a missing component in xfce for wifi to work as it usually does.?


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It’s only works with Gnome-based template qubes to have wifi network as I founded out few weeks ago.

You could try creating a new sys-net from dom0, sudo qubesctl state.apply qvm.sys-firewall.

Was on vacation.
Now I downloaded & tried fedora-36 (gnome) for sys-net: Wi-Fi and the option “enable wi-fi” in the NetworkManager are working.
When switching to fedora-36-xfce template for sys-net, “enable wi-fi” is not showing in the NetworkManager and Wi-Fi is not working.
There must be difference in regard to the installed packages related to wi-fi between fedora-36 (gnome) and fedora-36-xfce.
Can someone point me to the missing wi-fi packages in the xfce template?

Try dnf install NetworkManager-wifi network-manager-applet

Thanks Joe… but both (NetworkManager-wifi & network-manager-applet) were already installed.

following Minimal templates | Qubes OS
I tried installing wireless-tools but this was not found.
Any suggestion what package xfce might be missing?

Don’t know what to tell ya other than HPOA909’s comment above but most of what I use came from that guide:

qubes-core-agent-networking qubes-core-agent-network-manager qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root gnome-keyring iwlax2xx-firmware notification-daemon NetworkManager-wifi network-manager-applet

The firmware is for Intel AX2xx wifi.

Why don’t you just list packages from both and diff them?

“Why don’t you just list packages from both and diff them?”
Sorry, I am to new to do this

only Package missing was the notification-daemon but installing that changed nothing.
wireless-tools & polkit@hardware-support were not found.

I give up this switch to xfce and will stay at the regular gnome fedora-36

Thanks for the help