Operating systems work for college

Hello I am Alan, and I’m Brazilian;
I have a job from the faculty on Operating Systems and I chose qubes OS to present, I would like to know:
Rating: Time Sharing, is that it?
How process scheduling is done
Which scheduler algorithm?
How is memory management done?
Page replacement algorithm?
and have a limited number of qubes, environments to use?

Hi @ACR,
Qubes OS is based on Xen. For the above questions you should search about the Xen architecture.
You should read the documentation about Xen (start here), Hypervisor (type-1 virtualization).
After that, come back here and ask about that you don’t understand.

Oi Alan,

So in other words, are you asking people to do the homework for you?

Qubes OS is not exactly an Operating System in the general sense. It’s rather a composition of operating systems.

Then you’ll the basis for Qubes os is XEN, and then you go and look there. Then you realize as well that Qubes os actually runs many other operating systems so to have a complete answer you’ll likely need to talk to include your colleague’s assignments as well into yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I hope this helps. And good luck!

I suspect the OP is from a University where students log into a time share. Perhaps not using Personal Computers at home. Or perhaps he felt we all login into a Time Share Cloud to use Qubes. His questions are like information that is from a Central administration. So perhaps he is not asking us to do his homework.

If the fellow reads English well.

Which starts from the website.

If the OP has an extra PC to convert to Qubes for awhile. I would, myself, not attempt a dual boot. Download it and give it whirl.

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because I still don’t have a good knowledge of operating systems, and also in English, as soon as I started to do the job, I wanted to look for an operating system based mainly on security in which I could surf anonymously, and Qubes OS caught my attention, the way I could use other systems within it, but at the beginning I didn’t really understand his idea, then I saw that it’s not exactly an OS, so I started to do a better research on Xen and got my answers, it wasn’t very easy, I didn’t find many articles in my language … I looked for this forum thinking not that someone would do this job for me, but that someone would tell me where I could find the answers to those questions … Some answers really took me to what I needed and to better understand how Qubes works, thank you very much to everyone who tried to help me …