Operating Systems to Complement Qubes

Hello everyone, I think it’s fair to say that most here use Qubes OS has their daily driver, however, one system alone, even a meta-os likes qubes, will rarely be enough for every scenario.

With that in mind, what other OS do you use/recommend to protect one’s privacy/security? Any other desktop OS you use?

What about mobile? Even if one uses qubes exclusively on desktop, most of us have a phone, which do you think best complements qubes and the security/privacy goals we hope to achieve with it?

I currently use Graphene OS on my phone.

This is a good explanation of the issues with custom roms.

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Same. I also recommend Calyx OS.

The only two cases I can imagine, when Qubes must be complemented, are non-supported hardware and too much inconvenience. Qubes covers all my use cases, except the mobile ones.

I’m using Mobian on my phone, but it’s definitely much less secure than Qubes. I hope that Qubes Air will partly solve the security issue here.

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