OpenVPN in Whonix Workstation not working after updating to QubesOS 4.1.1


I host a OpenVPN server which I connect to using a .ovpn file called “config.ovpn”.

Before updating to the latest QubesOS version all I needed is to run: sudo openvpn config.ovpn

to route the entire Whonix VM’s traffic through the VPN.

When I try to do the same thing after updating it doesn’t work anymore.

I am unable to connect to any website when connected to the VPN. I cannot curl anything in the terminal.

And IRC clients cannot connect either.

What I am trying to achieve is this: Tor → VPN → Website

because I need to access websites that block Tor.

And I want to connect to the VPN inside the Whonix Workstation. NOT Whonix Gateway.

Because I want to be able to terminate the VPN connection and switch to Tor when the VPN is not needed.

What about creating a sys-vpn placed before sys-whonix?

You could just change netvm when needed.

Can you connect to it in a clearnet qube (the one connected to sys-fiteall as netVM)?