Openvpn in Qubes

I have created sys-vpn based on fed-34-minimal. It worked excellent with NordVPN but it is not working with IVPN.
I have used Qubes for several years and I am using Cli scripts method.
Packages included are openvpn qubes-core-agent-networking notification-daemon
VPN can connect before editing /rw/config/qubes-firewall-user-script. So no issue with authentications and configurations. How should I trobleshoot further?


Can you manually run the command to connect to the VPN from command line inside the sys-vpn? If it fails: what output does this command give you?

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I can, that’s what I was saying. It is Initialization sequence completed before qubes-firewall-script.

Sorry missed that part :blush:

OpenVPN allows to create a log file using --log <file> if you edit your scripts to use that you might get more information if it even starts and or what is going wrong.

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