OpenURL, OpenFile etc. not available (anymore?)

I just realized that links I click on in any vm are not opened by a dispvm (anymore?). I think it was in the past. Additionally, the context menu options e.g., in nautilus, are missing to. I am using mainly the fedora-34 template, so I did not checked the behaviour in debian-11.

The only crucial thing in this direction that I changed (that is, at least in dom0) that I can think of is enabling keyboard usage in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputKeyboard to

sys-usb dom0 ask,default_target=dom0
$anyvm $anyvm deny

So, as I learned today, I am using the old format here. I don’t know, if this could possibly be the cause of this issue.

I used qvm-run-in-dvm multiple times and it is working as expected. So this is just about the automatic opening of links and files and the corresponding context menus (which are a minor detail for me, being honest) and thus not a problem of the feature itself.

One detail I should maybe add: I build and installed a archlinux-minimal template I build myself as described here. Although I used version 4.1, the resulting rpm was called qubes-template-archlinux-minimal-4.0.6.rpm and… well I just installed it anyway.

Is it likely that this template changed things on dom0 that could change/break the rpc stuff?

Okay I just found out that you can just set qvm-open-in-dvm as your default browser by opening gnome-control-center and choosing it in the section “Default Applications”. This should fix this for most applications in a default fedora vm.

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