Opening UDP port for appVM -> appVM Comms

Hello, I was trying to bind a UDP port from rust code via

fn main() -> std::io::Result<()>
    let socket = UdpSocket::bind("10:137:0:14:666")?;

but I was getting “Error: Custom { kind: Uncategorized, error: “failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known” }”

Is there a quick way to allow this without reading too many documents? current threat model is low.

You need to use qrexec for communication between VMs.
Here is an example:

The firewall documentation mentions how to connect two qubes.

the docs seem to focus on tcp, not udp. also it mentions how to forward, but not how to let the socket to be binded as a host.

I don’t know anything about Rust, but maybe you can’t bind the socket because you need to write the address in the dotted notation.

There is no equivalent to qvm-connect-tcp for UDP at that time.

well isn’t that because UDP doesn’t make a connection, it just sends packets. So all i need to do is open a port and allow everything?

maybe i should do it inside a ‘net providing qube’?