Opening links/URLs from browser in a separate dispVM

I have found a few topics regarding open links in dispVM and thought that it’s a great idea if I could use it to open the links/URLs from an email as I could not always trust the sender. I’m using my emails in Firefox browser that is in a separate email qube already and the possibility to open the links in a disposable VM should increase the security of the qube email. I have read about open links in dispVM here, here and here, but I could not make it to work from my emails, it still opens any link in a new tab in the same browser. Actually could not find a clear explanation how open link in dispVM is working exactly, besides terminal examples. I tried in terminal: qvm-open-in-dvm and it opens the firefox browser with the URL in despVM, but is not what I want to have.
I started to think that maybe open the URL in dispVM is not supposed to work from a browser, because browsing is all URLs.
So maybe there Is an option or other way, similar to right click on a file that allows to select to open in a dvm, that can be used for URLs from a browser? Yes, I could right click and copy the link/URL and then paste in a dispVM, but that it’s quite a pita, and often instead of right click I just do left click (on laptop touch pad) and it just open the link right in my email browser instead to display options to copy the link.
Appreciate any help that could help me to make it working from browser if possible.

I have adjusted topic’s subject to hopefully better reflect the idea/issue, thus easier to get the help, but feel free to make it what ever you think is more appropriate.

This is exactly what I’m doing, because I use separate dispVMs for different sites and 1-3 dispVMs for search only.

I don’t find this Qubes specific, but browser specific, so something like this should help you:

Note that it says there:

For example, you could show features to open a graphic editor when the user clicks on an image

So, I guess you could add an entry which would invoke opening dispVM then, like with custom action in file managers:

/usr/lib/qubes/ viewdvm %F

or something…

There is also

Thanks @enmus, will look into those docs.

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