Open terminal via "Qubes Domain" for disposable VMs

:wave: Hallo community,

:question: How can I configure my disposable VMs to get a shell via “Run Terminal” in the icon “Qubes Domain” in my specific dispVM?

Every time I use the workaround to open a dom0 shell and execute the command qvm-run --user user dispXXXX xterm for getting a shell for my dispVM. For my appVMs I get a shell. There are no problems.

:construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_woman: What should I do to get terminals via “Qubes Domain”-icon?

:heart: Thanks in advance for your help.

Is “Run Terminal” menu entry missing from your disposable VM in Qubes Domain widget?
Or when you try to open it then it doesn’t open?

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If it’s missing, does it work from Qube Manager’s context menu entry “Run command in qube”?

Or, you can use new application menu and you will get there entry for the dispVM with all available apps for it.

Hi @tzwcfq (tzwcfg),
hi @enmus (enmus),

No, it is there, but no reaction if I click on it.

Yes, I will get a terminal. But this is not my target. It is like my workaround with the dom0 command. :wink:

Thanks for your idea, but this does not solve my issue.

What’s this disposable VM template?
Do you have the same problem with non-disposable qubes?
Or qubes based on other templates?
Or disposables based on other templates?
Can you open File Manager from Qubes Domain widget or it doesn’t work as well?